Beyond Bang Wranglers: Here Comes KLASH! | Klash
August 02, 2016

Beyond Bang Wranglers: Here Comes KLASH!

You might know us as The Bang Wrangler, but as hip hop mogul and avid scuba diver* Jay-Z once said: allow us to reintroduce ourselves. 

*Um, that part about him being into scuba may or may not be true. But you don't know for sure that he ISN'T an avid diver, right? So we're going to assume he is. Just for funsies. Wait, what were we talking about again? Oh, yeah...



More than two years ago, we Kickstarted the Bang Wrangler.

Immediately, we discovered that there were boatloads (sometimes literally - teehee!) of women divers, kayakers, and general water lovers out there who had been looking for exactly this product. And there were even more who hadn't realized they needed it, but now can't live without it. 


We are so pleased with the response to the Bang Wrangler...but we aren't stopping there.

It's become clear that there are tons of ways that we can continue to make water sports more enjoyable for women. The market has been male-dominated for years, and our options have been reduced down to ill-fitting men's products dyed pink or skimpy "fashion" gear built for flawless teenage bodies.

We know that women are in search of products that will make them comfortable in the water. They want apparel and accessories that combine performance, fit, and style -- gear that will make it just a little easier to dive in. And by golly, we're going to make that happen!

So meet KLASH. It's the brand name that will continue to bring you the Bang Wrangler, and we will soon introduce more products that water-loving women won't be able to live without.

We think you're going to love what we make, because we'll only make things that we absolutely love ourselves. 

Stay tuned! Details and discounted pre-orders for our first apparel product will be available soon. For now, we'll hold you over with this sneak peak: