This is Klash | Klash

This is Klash

This isn’t a swimsuit calendar. Or a spring break music video. This isn’t diaper butt. Or butt floss. This isn’t men’s swimwear passed off as women’s because it has a pink Hawaiian flower on it.


This is the end of playing Marco Polo with your bikini. This is a dry butt at post-swim beers. This is a line of water sportswear designed just for the ladies. This is Klash.


We don’t want anyone to have another swim, dive, paddle, or surf sesh ruined by the frustration of hair in the face or a wardrobe malfunction. The Klash line of women’s water sportswear lets you do you—and look good doing it.


Who are D & Ash?

As California water babies, we loved being under water but were so over its nuisances: tying and retying pony tails, clipping flyaway hair, and repositioning bandanas. That inspired the Bang Wrangler, which got Kickstarted in March 2014.


Seeing things more clearly with our hair out of our face, we noticed the one thing missing from our wardrobes: bona fide women’s water sportswear. Enter Klash.