Ash Does a Triathlon | Klash
November 16, 2014

Ash Does a Triathlon

I've never been a fan of individual sports, even though I swam competitively for a good portion of my life. I really only did it for water polo training and perhaps maybe for the swim relays. Now that I'm working full time during the day and running The Bang Wrangler with D during the off hours, it has been difficult to keep a normal, consistent workout schedule. So... I thought signing up for a triathlon would motivate me to get my butt moving, not to mention give me a great opportunity to test out The Bang Wrangler in different conditions. 


I signed up for the UCLA Health Playa Del Ray Sprint Triathlon just two months before the race day. My bike training consisted of my daily three mile commute to and from work and I was pretty good about getting out every day to do either a three mile run or swim workout, but it was pretty clear from the lackluster training regimen, that I wasn't going to be a top competitor. I set two goals for myself; 1) Finish without stopping and 2) finish in under two hours. 


Race day was a bit intimidating. I thought there would be more novice participants like me, but everyone was decked-out and geared-up with all the top notch triathlon equipment. My 1960s 8-speed Raleigh bike was definitely showing its age and my surfing wetsuit was obviously more constricting than the thin, armless tri-suits. But I do have to say that I had the only headband around that could transition from water to land. I sported my Bangin' Red Bang Wrangler throughout the entire race and it stayed put like white on rice! Plus, I totally crushed my goals! I never stopped and finished in 1:39:11. 


Now time for some pancakes.


Swim. Bike. Run. Bang Wrangle.


Triathlon completed!